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Organic Beri(چھوٹی مکھی)Honey

Organic Beri(چھوٹی مکھی)Honey

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Khaas Choti Makhi Beri honey comes from the nectar collected by bees from the flowers of beri tree in Pakistan. Beri tree is grown in the wild and the honey obtained from the bees around the tree is 100% organic and free of chemicals. Khaas Beri Honey is certified by National Institute of Health. The honey produced by the bees is reddish brown in color and has a rich texture. It is sweet and has a divine fruity taste.

  • Fights Infertility
  • Boosts Testosterone Levels
  • Strengthen joints
  • Natural Immunity Booster
  • Fights Cough and Flu
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
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