About Us

What is Khaas Honey?​

Khaas Honey is all about natural, pure, and organic premium quality Beri honey. Established in the heart of Islamabad, Khaas Honey produces complete product range of pure honey in various types/ingredients/flavors and packages.

Source of Khaas Honey's Bee Nectar​

The all pure Khaas Honey nectar is extracted from the dry mountains of Karak, KPK Pakistan. It is seasonally extracted in the key months of October and November, that provide the best honey growing and harvesting conditions. The pure nectar is specifically extracted through the Beri tree, and for quality
assurance is only brought from the mountains of Karak that provides the best natural habitat for honey production. Throughout the process, Khaas Honey family ensures that all the hygienic conditions are met to make it the state of the art extraction process, which is all about best quality honey. Once the bees play their part, the Khaas Honey before extraction is left inside the bee hive for 45 days, to ensure removal of redundant moist. Once this deadline is met, the finest premium quality honey is made ready for extraction. Our production process is completely natural, up to date, and quality assured at each and every step.

What so Special?​

Khaas Honey stands out in the open marketspace due to a variety of compatible reasons. The best part that makes our honey pure and special is our dedicated extractions process and usage of 100% pure ingredients from the suitable production environments. Khaas Honey offers four major flavors of packages, each withholding special quality and purpose. Our extraction till packaging process is 100% quality assured, with solid claims of zero addition of artificial flavors, sugars, sweeteners, canes, and nectar. We serve premium quality honey, tested 100% natural.

Last Words​

Let Khaas Honey be your trusted suitable honey providing partner in these epidemic times. Our product is 100% guaranteed as pure and natural, with the best tested quality of honey producers all over Pakistan. Order your package online now by visiting our website. Delivery is available all over Pakistan, charges may apply. For further information, do not hesitate to contact us at (0348-0590003) Bless your life with Khaas Honey! “Kyun k yeh ha khaas, apke dil jesa!”